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HelpHOPELive's 2013 Year-End Giving Campaign

Dear Partners in HOPE,

A medical crisis changes life in an instant. There’s no way to prepare – yet it can happen to any of us, any day.

For Tim Francisco that crisis came in 2002 at age 36. The newly minted doctor, husband and father learned he had a rare tumor that was causing a devastating lung disease. “It was earth-shattering,” said Tim. He feared a transplant, “that I’d never get off a vent. What would my family do?”

Just months into a competitive surgical residency, Tim had to quit his job. By 2004, he was on oxygen 24/7, waiting for a double lung transplant. With Tim unable to work, his insurance coverage was running out. 

But then, an amazing thing happened. Tim’s friends, family and colleagues rallied for his recovery, connecting with HelpHOPELive to fundraise for his uninsured medical expenses. The outpouring of support spurred Tim on. “It felt wonderful…I was so grateful, just knowing something was there for my family.”

Fast forward 10 years. Tim is now a doctor of osteopathic medicine and teaches medical students. And his life? “Couldn’t be better!” said Tim, able to do things that for a while were only a hope: “teaching my kids to ski…watching them play soccer, grow up, all that.”

But it’s been a long road, and HelpHOPELive has been there every step. With instruction and guidance from HelpHOPELive, Tim’s community held seven events, raising nearly $70,000 for his care. Funds raised were critical during Tim’s long and challenging journey, from when he lost his insurance – right up to today. HelpHOPELive manages the funds to pay for medications and treatment Tim needs to stay healthy, have “peace of mind,” and live out his dreams.

Donors just like you are behind all our efforts. With your help, we can serve more. For too many families just like Tim’s, a medical crisis – transplant, catastrophic illness or injury – quickly becomes a financial one. Uninsured expenses – co-pays, relocation for treatment, medication, home accessibility and care, rehabilitation – eat up savings. What does this mean?

A few examples:

  • A father denied a transplant because he can’t afford the required anti-rejection medications (which can cost up to $5,000 per month!).
  • A mother choosing between filling a prescription and paying a heating bill.
  • A son forced into a nursing home because the family home is not wheelchair accessible.
  • A daughter unable to return to work for lack of accessible transportation.

Please make a gift to HelpHOPELive today.

Your donation will HELP HOPE LIVE for families – just like Tim’s – whose care and healing are
threatened by uninsured, needed, medical costs. Together with more than 21,000 donors like
you, we’re tackling the issue of unfunded medical expenses – a major unmet need of patients and
families nationwide.

What will your gift mean?

  • Families that face putting children to bed hungry don’t have to choose between medication and food. Fundraising with HelpHOPELive, they can afford both.
  • Devoted parents can stay with a recovering child near the hospital. Funds raised with
    HelpHOPELive pay for housing away from home and expenses back home – food, light,
  • Individuals living with paralysis can return to independent productive lives – work, school,
    time with family and friends – thanks to home health care and accessible homes and
    transportation paid for by funds raised with HelpHOPELive.

This is the impact you make possible.

Please help transform a life today with a tax-deductible donation to HelpHOPELive. It’s easy to do with the enclosed form, or – better yet – join us online at

With gratitude,

Lynne Coughlin Samson
Executive Director/CEO for HelpHOPELive

Art H. Rainey
Board Chair for HelpHOPELive 

P.S. Families like Tim's are counting on us for treatment and other help. Please make your generous gift today. We'll put it right to work!



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