About HelpHOPELive

As experts in community-based fundraising, we help patients and families faced with a transplant, catastrophic injury or illness tackle the daunting task of bridging the financial gap between what their health insurance will cover and what they actually need to heal, live and thrive.

Drawing on decades of experience, we work to provide patients, families and community volunteers with the tools and support needed to launch and sustain successful fundraising campaigns to meet out-of-pocket medical expenses.  

We provide:

  • personalized fundraising guidance;
  • customized fundraising materials;
  • free web pages for online fundraising;
  • tax deductibility and fiscal accountability for donors and more.

Learn more:  Download our brochure for transplant / brochure for catastrophic injury.  
Get started:  Call us at 800.642.8399, or fill out our online application.