Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can the money be used?

    Money raised through HelpHOPELive is held in Regionally Restricted Funds in honor of transplant patients and individuals living with catastrophic injury to be used to pay for uninsured medical and medically related expenses. 

  • What expenses does HelpHOPELive pay for transplant?

    For Transplant

    - Health insurance premiums, deductibles and co-payments
    - Medications
    - Transportation to and from transplant center
    - Air ambulance for emergency visits to transplant center
    - Relocation or moving expenses due to transplant
    - Temporary housing due to relocation
    - Mileage, tolls and parking fees for visits to transplant center
    - Lodging expenses for patient and support person
    - Hospital telephone and television privileges
    - Uninsured transplant-related procedures
    - Living donor expenses
    - Search fees for bone marrow donor match
    - Burial/cremation expenses in the event patient passes

  • What expenses does HelpHOPELive pay for catastrophic injury?

    For Catastrophic Injury
    - Health insurance premiums, deductibles and co-payments
    - Medications
    - Travel expenses for rehabilitation and treatment
    - Relocation or moving expenses due to injury (such as in the case of moving to be closer to a
      rehabilitation center or hospital for treatment)
    - Temporary housing due to relocation
    - Mileage, tolls and parking fees for visits to rehabilitation center or hospital
    - Specially equipped vans and durable medical equipment
    - Home modification related to injury
    - Home health care services
    - Physical therapy and vocational rehabilitation
    - Experimental treatments
    - Burial/cremation expenses in the event patient passes

  • Can we do online fundraising?

    HelpHOPELive creates personalized Web pages on the HelpHOPELive website for each patient fundraising campaign to allow for online giving and viral marketing of the campaign. 

    HelpHOPELive patient Web pages can be easily shared by email, on Facebook, Twitter (there are hundred's of ways to share your page) to increase visibility and online donations.

  • What services will my Patient Services Coordinator provide for me?

    HelpHOPELive Patient Services Coordinators work with patients, their families and volunteers to provide a framework to launch a fundraising campaign in the patient’s community.  

    Patient Services Coordinators help to:
    • Establish a volunteer network;
    • Write appeal letters for community circulation;
    • Provide step-by-step instructions for fundraising events;
    • Design flyers for events;
    • Provide media support. 

    HelpHOPELive Patient Services Coordinators offer ongoing support Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.  Call us: 800.642.8399.  

  • Does HelpHOPELive take a fee?

    HelpHOPELive retains a modest 4% fee for check and cash donations (96 cents of every dollar benefits a HelpHOPELive patient campaign) and 7% for credit card donations due to higher administrative costs incurred.

  • Is it too early to start fundraising?

    For transplant patients, it is never too early to begin fundraising to prepare for transplant-related expenses not covered by insurance. For catastrophic injury patients, the first 18 months after the injury has proven to be the time when the community is most motivated to help.

  • Can we have a fund for someone who will be an organ/tissue donor?

    No, but HelpHOPELive will pay living donor expenses out of funds raised in honor of the transplant recipient.

  • How does money get disbursed?

    Money may be disbursed upon receipt of the HelpHOPELive Patient Application, which proves medical and financial need. Patients (or an authorized individual) must submit a HelpHOPELive Fund Request Form with the appropriate documentation in order for money to be disbursed from the fund.

    Fund request forms must be mailed – not faxed – to HelpHOPELive and received by Tuesday, for processing that same week. You will be notified by the HelpHOPELive Financial Department if any portion of your request is not paid. 

    Our mailing address:

    Two Radnor Corporate Center
    100 Matsonford Road, Suite 100
    Radnor, PA 19087

  • How much do people usually raise?

    Successful campaigns are dependent upon the support of the patient's community and extended network. Campaigns can range from $2,500 to $300,000.

  • How do I determine my fundraising goal?

    The fundraising goal should be determined with the help of the transplant center or rehab center financial coordinator. It is important to take into account post-transplant expenses or long-term rehab needs. HelpHOPELive can provide additional guidance, although every patient’s situation is unique.

  • How can you help me if I do not have insurance?

    Patients are encouraged to call HelpHOPELive (800.642.8399) to discuss their particular situation.

  • Can I fundraise for a transplant overseas?

    HelpHOPELive permits patients to raise funds for a transplant, experimental therapy or treatment outside of the United States; however, this does not imply HelpHOPELive endorsement of such a procedure, therapy or treatment.

  • How long are the funds available to the patient?

    Donations collected in honor of a patient are available throughout the patient’s life, or as long as there is money in the campaign to cover the patient’s medically related expenses.

  • Do you provide tax-deductible receipts to donors?

    HelpHOPELive sends a letter of acknowledgement for donations of $250 or more. For donations under $250, the IRS recognizes the donor’s cancelled check or credit card statement as proof of a charitable donation.

  • Is there a guarantee that a patient will receive all the funds raised on their behalf?

    In order for funds raised to be tax deductible to the donor and not considered income to the patient, pursuant to federal regulations and internal guidelines, HelpHOPELive holds money raised in Regional Restricted Funds in honor of patients.
    All patients receive assistance according to their medical and financial need. Every effort is made to honor the donors’ intent in making available to the patient, assistance for their medically related expenses according to the campaign funds raised. There are a significant number of patients that receive medical assistance in excess of the funds raised in their honor through our challenge grant program.