HelpHOPELive History

HelpHOPELive was started 30 years ago as a community effort to address the uninsured health care needs of heart transplant patients in the Greater Philadelphia area. Over the years we have expanded our mission to meet the growing demand for our services. Today, we are a national nonprofit organization serving all solid organ, bone marrow and stem cell transplant candidates, as well as individuals living with catastrophic injuries or illnesses resulting in a physical disability. 

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Since inception in 1983, HelpHOPELive has assisted thousands of patients and families with fundraising, helping to raise more than $96 million for uninsured medical expenses.

Funds raised through our program have helped more than 2,300 patients receive a transplant, and to restore independence and quality of life to more than 800 individuals living with a catastrophic injury. 

Total assistance provided: $82 million and counting.