David Fletcher


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May God bless you David,my prayers are with you and Linda,I love you.

Maxine Benson, Oakland, Ca
June 4, 2012

Hello David,I have been praying for you, just trust in God and he will direct your path. Linda cousin hold strong and stay encouraged, remember God is great he love you both, and I love you too.

Patricia Benson, Livingston, Ca
May 31, 2012

May God bless you and keep you david and linda. I love you and linda and pray daily for a speedy recovery in the both of your lives. In the midst of your recovery remember to trust in the lord with all your heart ,lean not to your own understanding but in all ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths straight.(Proverbs 3:5) I know with out a shadow of a doubt that Gods Grace and Mercy is what keeps us, and he keeps on blessing us. Linda be encouraged and take care of yourself. I Love You and I will talk with you soon.

Wonderly Feathers Fresno Ca
May 21, 2012

God will bless you David and Linda,through these hard times.My prayers are with you both.

Craig Cofer
May 21, 2012