HelpHOPELive works with families and volunteers throughout the United States to establish successful fundraising campaigns in honor of people who need a transplant or are living with a catastrophic injury or illness. Funds raised are sent to and held by HelpHOPELive in Regional Restricted Funds in honor of patients. Funds are administered by HelpHOPELive and disbursed upon application and demonstration of financial need.

Patient Services

  • Identify potential networks within a patient community
  • Personalize appeal letters for community circulation
  • Provide guidelines for how to organize, launch and sustain a fundraising campaign tailored specifically to the needs of the patient and their community
  • Provide how-to instructions for a myriad of fundraising events
  • Create flyers and other promotional materials for fundraising events
  • Help approach the media about fundraising efforts
  • Provide transplant and spinal cord injury awareness materials for fundraising events
  • Provide personalized patient Web pages on the HelpHOPELive website for online donations 
  • Offer peer support through our mentor list (maintained by the Patient Services Department) and our Find a Friend Network online in the Patient Restricted Area, where patients can connect with others facing similar medical conditions and financial challenges, gain advice and share. 

Financial Services

  • Disburse funds weekly to pay for uninsured medically related expenses
  • Award grants and other financial assistance to eligible patients
  • Provide donor acknowledgements
  • Provide a list of our patients' contributors in the Patient Restricted Area
  • Process corporate matching gifts
  • CPA on staff
  • Annual audit of financial records